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Chitwan Jungle Lodge in Royal Chitwan National Park


Of all the world's remaining jungles, one of the most enchanting is Royal Chitwan National Park in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Here at Chitwan Jungle Lodge, you will discover a lost world of towering trees with twisting vines, pre-historic rhino, lumbering elephants, crocodiles, pythons, deer, brilliantly colored birds and - if you are fortunate - the superb Royal Bengal Tiger.

To fully experience the jungle, you must live within it - nothing less will do. Chitwan Jungle Lodge lies in the park on the banks of the River Rapti. Only the sounds of nature disturb the peace of the jungle: birdsong, the rustle of deer in the bushes or the trumpeting call of elephants. From the moment you wake at dawn to roam through the jungle on elephant back, to the quiet talk around the camp fire at day's end, Chitwan Jungle Lodge offers an unforgettable experience.

Walk deep into the jungle led by one of the lodge's experienced naturalists or journey by landrover to distant hills far from the world of man. Drift down river in a dug-out canoe past a pageant of bird life, or watch by flickering firelight the dances of the Tharu people.

Our naturalists are here to share their knowledge of the jungle with you, and our new visitor's center and slide show are packed with information to enrich your stay.

Chitwan Jungle Lodge, in the living heart of the jungle with its blend of traditional style and modern amenities, offers you the perfect jungle experience.

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